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2634 E Tremont Ave, The Bronx, NY 10461, United States

Mattys Auto School
167 Atlantic Ave Lynbrook, NY 11563
167 Atlantic Ave Lynbrook, NY 11563

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Mattys Auto School in New York

About Mattys Auto School

Mattys Auto School is a highly reputable driving school located in New York, USA. They offer high-quality driving education to individuals of all ages and levels of experience. The school takes pride in having experienced and certified instructors who are dedicated to teaching students the art of driving safe, responsibly and confidently.

Location and facilities

  • Mattys Auto School is situated in a prime location in New York, with excellent accessibility via public transport.
  • The driving school is equipped with modern vehicles for training, which are regularly maintained and updated.
  • The facilities at the school are well-suited for both theoretical and practical learning sessions.

Training programs

The driving school offers various training programs to cater to the diverse needs of its learners. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Beginner program: For individuals with no previous driving experience, this program is designed to teach the basics of driving.
  • Refresher program: This program is perfect for individuals who have a valid driver’s license but haven't driven for some time and now need to refresh their knowledge and skills.
  • Defensive driving program: The defensive driving course focuses on teaching the students techniques and strategies for driving safely and avoiding accidents.

Fees and schedule

The fees for driving lessons at Mattys Auto School are reasonable, and the school provides flexible schedules to accommodate the students' availability.

  • The fee for a single driving lesson is $50.
  • The school offers various packages that offer discounted rates on multiple driving lessons.\
  • All packages include a minimum of 4 hours on the road.
  • The school provides driving lessons on weekdays, weekends, and public holidays.
  • The timings are flexible, and students can choose their preferred time slots for behind-the-wheel sessions.


Mattys Auto School is the perfect place for individuals who want to master the art of driving in a safe, fun, and interactive way. With experienced instructors, modern training facilities, and flexible schedules, students will have a great learning experience here.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Where is it Mattys Auto School?

    Mattys Auto School has address in 167 Atlantic Ave Lynbrook, NY 11563

  • What is it telephone nubmer of Mattys Auto School?

    Mattys Auto School telephone nubmer that +15165994770

  • What is it website of Mattys Auto School?

    Mattys Auto School has website

  • What is it facebook of Mattys Auto School?

    Mattys Auto School has facebook