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2634 E Tremont Ave, The Bronx, NY 10461, United States

Flavors Driving School
105-28 Crossbay Blvd Jamaica, NY 11417
105-28 Crossbay Blvd Jamaica, NY 11417

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About Flavors Driving School

Flavors Driving School is a reputable driving school located in New York, providing quality driving instruction to both new and experienced drivers. With years of experience in the industry, Flavors Driving School has an excellent track record of producing safe, confident, and competent drivers.


  • Flavors Driving School is conveniently located in the heart of New York City, making it easily accessible to students from all over the city.
  • The school also has multiple branches across the city, allowing students to choose a location closest to their place of residence or work.

Training Programs

  • Flavors Driving School offers a range of training programs, including basic driver education, defensive driving, and CDL training.
  • The school also provides specialty training programs such as parallel parking, highway driving, and night driving to help students become confident and safe drivers in all situations.
  • All instructors at Flavors Driving School are highly qualified and experienced, and use modern teaching techniques to make the learning process easy and enjoyable.


  • Flavors Driving School uses modern and well-maintained vehicles equipped with the latest safety features for all training programs, ensuring students learn in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • The school also has a fully equipped classroom where students can attend lectures and take written tests.
  • Flexible scheduling options are available to students, and the school offers both individual and group classes to suit different learning styles.

Other Services

  • Flavors Driving School also provides services such as road test scheduling, pick-up/drop-off for lessons and tests, and assistance with obtaining a driver's license.
  • The school has an excellent customer service record and is always available to answer any questions or concerns that students may have.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Where is it Flavors Driving School?

    Flavors Driving School has address in 105-28 Crossbay Blvd Jamaica, NY 11417

  • What is it telephone nubmer of Flavors Driving School?

    Flavors Driving School telephone nubmer that +13472916592

  • What is it website of Flavors Driving School?

    Flavors Driving School has website

  • What is it facebook of Flavors Driving School?

    Flavors Driving School has facebook