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Driving schools in Cypress Hills-City Line

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City Line Driving School
17 101st Ave Brooklyn, NY 11208

City Line Driving School is a leading institution for quality driver education in New York. Located in the heart of the city, they offer comprehensive driving lessons at affordable prices. With knowledgeable and experienced instructors, modern equipment, and personalized instruction, students can expect to develop safe and confident driving skills. Flexible scheduling options and a variety of courses ensure that every student can find a program to suit their needs. Whether it's learning to drive for the first time or improving existing skills, City Line Driving School is the perfect choice for anyone looking to become a skilled and responsible driver.

Highland Auto Driving School
3372 Fulton St Brooklyn, NY 11208

Highland Auto Driving School in New York offers comprehensive and affordable driving lessons to students across the city. With experienced instructors and modern training vehicles, they ensure that each student has the skills and knowledge necessary to drive safely and confidently on the road. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, Highland Auto Driving School provides flexible scheduling options and personalized instruction to meet the needs of every student.